“VisitTheLab” as today mark ”International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science Day“

Today marks the #InternationalFederationOfBiomedicalLaboratoryScienceDay (#IFBLS).

As Medical Laboratory Scientists; we screen, diagnose, & monitor the progression of diseases at all stages.

Undeniably, our services are most important when it comes to the clinical decision making. It is estimated by facts & data, averagely 70% of most clinical cases are confirmed or ruled out kind courtesy of our skills & knowledge in the practice of medicine.

It is timely urgent for government & other stakeholders in the health profession to take an incessant look at the growth & development of the Medical Laboratory Science and practice in our region-Ghana.

As I always advocate, Visit The Lab to screen for your health. You’re the ultimate stakeholder in your own health.

VisitTheLab at all times any day.

Thank you.

Kelly West

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